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  1. Loly says:

    I need help with my toe fungus!

    • Elio says:

      I took Ballet from age 8 to age 19 and my nails looked tbrriele, our dancing teacher would send us to a man who cut the nails and would use a machine to sand off the tops of the nails when they overgrew. He was not a licensed doctor, and I suspect I got the fungus from his tools, I lived with it for maybe forty years, and then someone suggested that I use White vinegar and soak the nails in it at least once a day for 20 minutes. Now you cannot miss a day with this treatment, you see you have to stop the fungus from growing from the nail bed, if you miss even a day, it starts all over again. I used the vinegar as a bedtime routine, and did not go to bed without it no matter how tired I was. I also asked my doctor for and received a prescription for a antibiotic and took this, as I was doing the vinegar treatment, now some people use the same vinegar, over and over, but I was afraid it would lose it’s effectiveness and I bought my vinegar in gallon jugs and used fresh every night. Now this did not do the job in a hurry, I am not going to lie to you, it took six moths, but now I can go barefoot at the beach. But remember if you start this you cannot do it, hit and miss. Every night without fail.

      • Elisangela says:

        I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.. BUT SOMETIMES i manage to grow them for a bit but then I start again.. but that’s only cause I get lazy.. se what I do is. buy a file never cut ayalws file, also u need hand cream and to take vitamin for nail and hair growth.. these all make a difference.. the vitamins make them stronger and they grow quicker the cream helps with the cuticles so you can push them back and generally makes your nails look better and tidy them with a file I’d say every 3says.. but don’t file too much.. References :

  2. We offer a 90 day full money back guarantee for both the Anti-fungal Nail Treatment and Anti-fungal Foot Cream. Nail Fungus treatment may take up to a month to produce results, when treating severe cases of toenail fungus. Only treating Foot Fungus should show results in as soon as a week.

    • Jhanell says:

      Your choice of nail fnguus treatment, bypassing the doctor visits and blood monitoring to see how much liver damage has occured, is commendable. Good choice using a home remedy like apple cider vinegar as a nail fnguus treatment. In using any home remedy as a nail fnguus treatment, to assure it works most effectively, in less time than prescription medications take, there are detailed steps outlined in a great nail fnguus treatment ebook by William Quinn, a 25 year toenail fnguus sufferer who tried everything and wrote down what worked, along with clinical research studies on nail fnguus treatments, prevention tips, and more.See the video and follow the nail fnguus treatment link for more info.

      • Steve says:

        Well, nail biting is casued by being nervous or having a bad temper. One option would be to try to express your feelings in a way that is different than biting your nails. The other thing would be buying a special type of nailpolish like “stop-bite” which tastes disgusting so you will know that when you bite your nails you will be disgusted. The other option is getting fake nails because those are IMPOSSIBLE to bite. They hurt WAY too much. So by doing any of these or even most of them, you will do yourself a favor and stop that terrible obsession. Email me if you need anymore help. References :

        • Jose says:

          Nailpure works well with mild to moderate cases of nail fuungs. It also works well when used in combination with laser treatment. I also use it for nail separate to soften the skin and nail and allow the nail to reattach to the nail bed once the separated nail is removed.

  3. Cherie Amor says:

    I need help. This is unattractive. I was thinking the laser treatment but I cannot afford it. Is there hope?

    • PediMD says:

      Cherie, this is a pretty bad case of Fungus. Only your big toe is infected so I would not recommend laser surgery. You can cure this fungus by applying the PediMD Nail Treatment System twice a day. Make sure to file down the nail with the included nail file to ensure that the treatment is penetrating the nail and clearing the fungus in the nail root.

      You should notice the debris around the nail clear within a week. After about a month you should start to see a new healthy nail growing out from the root. Continue to apply the Nail Treatment for three months or until a new nail has grown out.

      Please follow up via our blog or contact page with any questions or results.

      Thanks for the post,

      -Dr. Baravarian

    • Enthuz says:

      Dear dashgalaxy86,There are myraid ways to treat fingernail fungus infection. There are a lot of antifungal solutions readily available in the market today which can be bought at very reasonable prices. Although a lot of foot doctors may prescribe oral antifungal medicines, some people would prefer the solutions which does not have risk side effects that can be long term. One of the most effective nail fungus treatment available is the ZetaClear Antifungal Solution. It is made from natural oil sources therefore it is complementary to the skin that is connected to the nails. No side effects since it came from natural source such as natural oils. There is no lingering smell which turns off men from using because of the feminine or medicinal smell. Home Remedies can be good too since you cannot afford medical treatment. You can Cure your toe nail fungus using warm water and natural apple cider vinegar.You soak your toenails for 15 20 minutes in basin full of warm water and natural apple cider vinegar mixed in equal proportion. When you are done with the soaking, dry your toenails thoroughly. Use a hair dryer on warm setting to absorb all the moisture in and around the toes. This can help you manage your toe fungus without medication.

      • Tre says:

        I am a 38 year old man. I have had the problems you have. A slmpie course of antifungals prescribed by my doctor (orally) in combination with antibiotics and an anti-fungal cream topically applied around the toes completely cured it. Remember that the reason the fungus builds up is because you give it an environment to grow in. Thus, exposing your tootsies to sunlight, changing shoes and socks two times a day, using foot powder to soak up fluid and making sure your shoes are well-ventilated can prevent recurrence. Best of luck.

  4. Alejandro says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your problem, My boyfeirnd had some fungus on his toenail for a long while until I convinced him to coat it in (clear) nail polish and within a couple days it subsided. I’m not sure if that will be helpful to you or not but it could be worth a shot Hope you get this cleared up, you deserve to be free of embarrassment when it comes to your body and self-esteem!EDIT: I just looked at your pics and if it is any consolation, I don’t think there’s anything disgusting about your feet. I know we tend to judge ourselves a bit more harsh than others do, so it may not help when I say this, but I think you could paint them a pretty color that could cover up some of the discoloration and no one would even guess you had any sort of toe issues!<3

  5. Delfina says:

    How long does it take to heal toenail fuguns with twice daily applications of apple cider vinegar?I’ve heard it works, and I started the treatments last night. I’m using a clean q-tip dipped in vinegar to wipe around and under the nail in the mornings and evenings, letting the vinegar air dry, and not covering my toenails until the vinegar dries (I usually wear flip flops anyway).For those of you who have cured your toenail fuguns with vinegar, how long did it take?Would things speed up if help if I did a mentholatum treatment around and under the nail after the morning vinegar application dries and before I do the evening vinegar app?

    • Ghanaian says:

      I too, am a nail bitier. Im 19 and have been bnitig them since I was 2. So you can image how bad they look and they are embarassing at times. As of right now I’m trying to stop again but the last time I let them grow out and actaully got past the tips of my fingers I first bought some fake nails from wal mart (I know its sounds tacky, but I cut them down to a normal length and painted them and no one knew the difference) and once my nails got long enough, I painted them, for some reason having them painted made me not want to bite them again. I need to try this method out again and this time have more will power. I started bnitig them again again when school started getting tough and stressful.Hope I help!References : nail biter of almost 18 years

  6. Jacques says:

    For years, topical solutions were used to treat toenail fungus with success.
    Then, oral medications were developed which had greater
    efficacy, but had more side effects. Laser treatment for toenail fungus is the newest
    technique to treat toenail fungus, and both physicians and
    patients have been found to be very satisfied with the

  7. Jean says:

    My feet our hurting cracking itching and pealing I had this
    before and it left now iris back

    • Oxi says:

      pniccimiss:You’re doing too much! Please get your feet out of the bleach, in the long run it can damgae your skin. Either just treat your feet with the tea-tree or the myoxcide, but not both. If you overload your skin with all the treatments your body will keep sending out new bacteria to try and fight all the mixed chemicals and they’ll never recover. Make sure you keep your feet as cool and dry as possible don’t wear trainers/sneakers as they soften the feet and make you sweat more. Try the prescribed/pharmacy treatment on its own for a few weeks and see what happens.References :

  8. Jason Clark says:

    I have had this rash on the top of both feet for about 6 months. Its is very itchy and painful..skins constantly splits..only treatment has been triple antiobiotic cream..relieves itching temporarily. Any info would be greatly apprecited.

  9. James Clark says:

    I have had this rash on both of my feet for 6 months and it is progressing up my ankles, it is very itchy and painful..skin cracks and bleeds..only treatment has been tripleantibiotic cream at night..seems to help with itching.

    • Yukari says:

      I’ve been trying to get rid of tneaoil fungus on one of my tneaoils for about 20 years now. I think I tried just about everything. I was checking up on laser surgery when I came across your site and the info on Nailpure. Do you have more info on it. How much success have you had with it. I was thinking about trying it. I am using vinegar now and that just keeps it from getting worse.Thanks,Larry

  10. James Clark says:

    Here are my photos

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