Dr. Bob’s Footcare Tips

PediMD is dedicated not only to helping people cure foot and nail fungus but also to maintaining healthy, happy feet.

Below Dr. Bob has provided simple steps that people can take to prevent foot and nail fungus, while maintaining soft supple skin and healthy nails.

Keep your feet dry – Fungus loves moisture. One of the best ways to prevent foot and nail fungus is to thoroughly dry your feet after showering and before dressing. If your feet are still moist, the fungus infection will continue to get worse and take over the nails and skin of the foot.

Socks make all the difference – A common mistake that most people make is wearing cotton socks. Cotton retains moisture, thus when feet sweat and moisture builds up around the foot and nails, cotton socks become a breeding ground for fungus to grow. The best solution is to wear polyester socks with moisture wick technology (Dupont Coolmax is an excellent material used in socks), which prevents moisture buildup, and act to prevent fungus.

For people who suffer from excessively sweaty feet, we recommend using an antiperspirant spray, such as those used for the under arms, or applying baby powder before dressing.

Pay attention to your feet – Patients should inspect their feet on a regular basis and look out for nail discoloration, dry cracked skin, abrasions around the toes, and unusual odors. Problems should be addressed as soon as they are detected and not only when pain occurs.  The longer fungus goes untreated on the foot the more it will spread and cause irritation. If nail fungus goes untreated it can spread from infecting a single nail to all the nails on a foot and eventually to nails on both feet.   Remember that fungus will also spread from the nail to the skin and from the skin to the nail so it is important to treat both issues simultaneously.

Hydrate your skin – Most people think that only the skin on their face needs to be hydrated in order to prevent acne. In fact, it’s the same with feet and preventing fungus. Studies have shown that people who use a daily foot moisturizer with anti fungal properties, such as PediMD skin moisturizer, are at a far less risk for developing calluses, dry cracked skin and foot fungus. See the Herbal Ingredients page for more information about how PediMD Foot Cream rejuvenates and hydrates skin.

Be Proactive to keep Fungus Away – People who regularly attend a gym, go to nail salons or wear closed in shoes for long hours run the risk of contracting nail or foot fungus.  PediMD Foot Cream was developed not only as an anti-fungal, but also as an everyday foot cream to keep feet looking and feeling healthy. Most anti-fungal foot treatments only last for three days to three weeks and a majority of patients see the fungus reoccur multiple times. PediMD Foot Cream is gentle enough that patients are urged to use it on a daily basis to continue to prevent foot fungus.

• PediMD Nail Treatment System is the only product on the market which can be used not only to treat nail fungus, but also to prevent nail fungus altogether. The lacquer and sealer can be used as a base coat under nail polish to prevent nail fungus. We recommend that women who regularly attend nail salons, even if all the equipment is sterilized, use PediMD as a base coat because once fungus enters the nail bed it lies dormant and can spread to the other nails and skin of the foot.

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