Is PediMD safe?

Compared to other products used and tested for nail fungus, PediMD would rate among the safest.  Prescription  pills taken for nail fungus can cause damage to the liver and may have several other side effects such as loss of taste in the mouth.  Many anti-fungal nail
treatments have not been official tested and  do not penetrate the nail in order to treat the matrix.

PediMD is formulated from a combination of Clotrimazole, one of the oldest, best tested and strongest anti-fungals, and several natural ingredients that are well-known to treat nail fungus and relieve the irritation and thickening of the nail associated with nail fungus.  As a lacquer, PediMD is also one of the most effective treatments to penetrate the nail and reach the matrix.  In our clinical study, there were no reported cases of irritation or rash of the skin or nail.

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