Plant Your Feet

Let’s face it; if you don’t feel comfortable on your own two feet, your overall well-being will likely be out of balance. We believe in holistic health. Holistic health focuses on the person as a whole instead of one, isolated malady of the body. PediMD is here to help you make choices that will center your health from the ground up.

That’s right; we start with the feet.PediMD Cream Foot Funugs
1) Help you stand firm on healthy lifestyle choices
2) Literally protect your feet with the healing power of plants

Did you know that 95% of people will fall victim to foot fungus at some point in their lives? Did you also know that combined holistic and traditional medicine is your best shot at preventing the nearly inevitable disruption that fungus will cause in your life?

But we have a solution! One basic but crucial step in PediMD’s Plant Your Feet movement is to protect your feet from fungus that throws your health off-balance. We believe that the most effective way to protect your feet is to use our luxurious, plant-based, fungus-fighting moisturizer. Imagine immersing your feet in the luxury and confidence that healing, natural plant oils offer. Fungus isn’t sexy, but grounded health is!

Before we connect you with our products, let’s run down a checklist of PediMD’s benefits:

Product not tested on animals? check.
Natural, plant-based ingredients? check.
Effective fungus prevention? check.
Helping you make healthy lifestyle choices? check.
Helping you excel at your physical activities? check.
Preventing unnecessary and embarrassing disruptions to your life? check.
Helping you stand planted on healthy, sexy feet? check.
Dr. Formulated and recommended? check.

That’s us in a nut-shell. Not only do we offer beautiful, effective products, but we also seek to educate our consumers on the damage fungus can cause. And then we take it a step further and show you the most effective ways to prevent this nasty disruption, and make informed, healthy lifestyle choices.

Experience has proven solely plant-based ingredients do not effectively prevent foot fungus. On the flip side, medical ingredients don’t penetrate the skin and nail effectively without the plant-based ingredients to carry them under surface tissues.
Simply put, if you want effective fungus prevention, you need a product with both plant-based and medical components. PediMD products have both.

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You can feel good about the feet you stand on when you know you are giving them the best protection from unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort. We want you to feel beautiful, healthy and balanced.

Balance starts from the ground up.


From the ground, to the plant to your feet.

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