Patient Testimonials

PediMD’s Anti-Fungal Nail Treatment System and Foot Cream has generated enthusiastic feedback and superior results in our patient trial.

  • “I had nail and foot fungus for 10 years, went to every doctor and tried every OTC treatment. PediMD saved my life!” – Sheila P., Woodland Hills, CA
  • “There was 100% improvement within 2-3 weeks!” – Bob S., Malibu, CA
  • “The nail lacquers were easy to apply, took less than a minute to dry and looked smooth and natural.”- David M., Los Angeles, CA
  • “The foot cream was phenomenal! It cleared my foot fungus within a week!” – Myra N., Port Angeles, WA
  • “The foot cream improved my dry, cracked skin. It absorbed quickly and made my skin feel smooth and silky.” -Peggy G., Santa Monica, CA

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